Whatever Lies Ahead

The unknown can be a scary thing.

It is human nature to be frightened of things out of our control. When things are sliding out of reach, we do everything in our power to take control of the situation, to “make it right.”

Just after Christmas, I had all these plans for January. I was going to get up early, exercise more, study more, etc. but things definitely did not go as I planned. Every couple of weeks, I’d give myself a little pep-talk. “Okay, tomorrow is a new week, start it off right.” But this week, what happened? I got sick. It snowed. My dad stayed home from work. I was a bundled-up, shivering little ball of headaches and fevers, so naturally I did not do school. My plans fell apart.

My pastor quoted something in a sermon recently, and I cannot remember what it was from, nor can I remember the exact wording, but it went something like this: “It is not wrong to make plans. Make plans that are God-focused, and be willing for them to change according to His will. Write your plans in pencil, as it were.”

We are called not to lean on our own understanding, but to trust in God to provide and care for you during whatever lies ahead. We can be secure in the knowledge that He made us and takes care of us, and knows what lies ahead. He’s known since before we were born. He’s always known.

There are going to be days where things don’t go as planned. There are going to be times where you don’t know what lies ahead. It may seem scary, but “With God behind us, and His arms around us, we can face whatever lies ahead.”