Email Change

Hello, girls. 🙂

Just recently we changed our email from to

Please don’t send any emails to the old address, and don’t get confused when/if you get an email from the new address. 🙂

If you do send an email to the old address, we’ll still get it, so don’t worry about that, but please use the new one. 🙂


In Christ and for Christ,



Awesome news!

Our very own Melody is now a bloggirl at Altogether Separate! 

We are so excited for her, and cannot wait to see what wonderful things God is doing in her life! 😀

Melody! (if you click this picture it will take you to her introduction on Altogether Separate. 🙂 )

Love you, Melody!



We have merged our blog with our really good friend Mercy, who changed her nickname to Melody (isn’t that pretty?) She wanted a connection with her old blog, so, voila! Melody! 🙂  We are The Three Maidens! The new web address is:

Please don’t go to the old address, but if you forget, we posted a link to the new one so you can find it easier! 😀

Anna Elizabeth