My Only Comfort

After a few busy weeks, I log into my WordPress account and look at my dashboard. I immediately notice that it’s been 4 weeks since anything was posted, and that got me thinking: “What am I going to write about?!”

Then it hit me

The only reason I can think, breath, or do anything, is because I have an almighty God.

I have a God who is all powerful, non-changing, everlasting, awesome, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. My All in All.

Without Him, I have nothing. Did you get that? Nothing. 

He is my only comfort in life and death.

(To quote the Heidelberg Catechism)

Q 1: What is thy only comfort in life and death?

A: That I with body and soul, both in life and death, am not my own, but belong unto my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ. Who, with His precious blood, has fully satisfied for all my sins, and delivered me from all the power of the Devil. And so preserves me, that without the will of my Heavenly Father, not a hair can fall from my head; yea, that all this must be subservient to my Salvation, and therefore, by His Holy Spirit, He also assures me of Eternal Life, and makes me sincerely willing and ready, henceforth, to life unto Him.”

We saw this often at my church as a congregation, but I never really think about it’s meaning. Think about it: “without the will of my Heavenly Father, not a hair can fall from my head“. God knows how many hairs we have on our heads. He knows our fears, our doubts our worries. He know how I’ll do on my math test, how many hours I’ll sleep tonight, and just… everything.

“Man’s chief end is glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” (Shorter Catechism Q/A #1)

God deserves to be glorified. More than anything else, He totally deserves our hearts, full attention, and praise. We are to meditate on Him day and night, pray constantly, lean on Him.

And the truth is, He loves it when we pray to Him. He loves to hear our voices lifted up in song. He loves it when we cling to Him, because He truly is all we have. Because during hard times, the only thing that will truly and completely comfort us, is God.



Jesus is my only comfort in life and death. What’s yours?