Review: Growing Up Christian, by Karl Graustein

Growing Up Christian front cover

Melody and I attend this awesome youth bible study at our church on Wednesday nights. We’ve done the book Don’t Waste Your Life,  by John Piper, and just recently finished Growing Up Christian, by Karl Graustein.

This book is instructive, encouraging, convicting, and well-written. You should read it!

Anyway, I thought I’d tell you about it: what I thought, how it convicted me, and what it’s like. Keep in mind that this is my opinion on the book. I’m sure many more qualified people have done reviews on it, and I’m sure they are amazing. Feel free to look them up and link them in the comments.


There are many devotional books for teens out there. This is one written for “church kids.”

If that term is unfamiliar to you, it means kids who are growing up in a godly family, and regularly going to church. Kids who “grow up Christian.”

As Marvin Olasky says, the book “Helps Christian teens to count their blessings and pray for more. ”

Now that’s a pretty brief description of basically the entire book.

At the end of each chapter, there’s a song on the same topic as the chapter. Songs like Haven’t You been Good? and Before the Throne of God Above. There’s also a bible verse, and prayer guidelines at the end of each chapter. The chapters each have a theme, so to speak, and most of them have a short story at the beginning illustrating a problem that “church kids” face throughout life.     I found those very helpful.

Quote from the book (Chapter 8: Building a Firm Foundation) :

“We need a personal relationship with God – a faith and a walk of own. We need to personally know, believe, and apply every truth of Scripture not because our parents or pastors tell us they are true, but because we personally know they are true. We need to firsthand knowledge of the Word of God and firsthand love for our Savior. We cannot simply know the stories of the Bible and attempt to repeat what we think our parents believe. We cannot be satisfied with surface knowledge. We cannot take our faith casually. We cannot afford to halfheartedly approach the Bible, what we believe, or why we believe it. We need to make sure to lay a strong foundation in our spiritual lives by loving and pursuing sound biblical doctrine.”

Now that’s convicting. Take a moment and read it again and analyze it. Think about it. Do you take your faith casually? Do I? I am constantly thinking about this quote. It really makes me think. Do you want a personal relationship with God? Are you laying a strong foundation in your spiritual life? Am I?

“The more we know about the Bible, the stronger our affections should be for our Lord. And the more we love Him, the more we will want to live in a way that pleases Him.” (Chapter 8 quote)


This book has so many truths, and I’ve reread and reread and reread it. I’m constantly wanting more, more, more. This book is definitely worth the time and money.