A Couple of Awesome Blogs

Hello, Sisters-in-Christ! 🙂


I just wanted to share a few blogs with you. We’ve mentioned a few of these before, but I really think that I should tell you about them again. 🙂


  • Saved by the Blood: http://savedxtb.blogspot.com/

This blog is really amazing. 🙂 This blog was a lot of good tips, verses, stories, and H.A.B.I.T.S.

  • A Wayfaring Stranger: http://whateverbefalls.wordpress.com/

I highly recommend reading the page entitled: “Wayfarer’s Passport”, I was amazed and in awe after reading it. She’s a remarkable person, and her blog is incredible.

  • 21st Century Girls: http://21stcenturygirls-mk.blogspot.com/

One of our best friends Mary Kate does this blog, and she is amazing. We often quote her in posts, because she says things such powerful ways that have sometimes left me crying. You should really read the “Inspirational Verses” page.

  • Mercy Song: http://mysongofmercy.wordpress.com/

Our very own Melody posts here. To quote her, “Without Jesus, my life has no melody.” She says many other amazing things, and is so funny. Please check it out. She’s awesome. 🙂

  • Altogether Separate: http://www.altogetherseparate.com/

Mary Kate posts here, along with many other amazing girls. They are “A group of girls who are starting a movement—encouraging and inspiring Christian homeschooled girls who are living in this world but not of it.”


Thank you for  taking the time to read, (and hopefully visit them) about these blogs!


Anna Elizabeth