Melody posted this a while back, and I though I’d post it here because the Fighter Verses are worth mentioning and people need to know about them.

Thanks, Melody. 🙂


Mercy Song

I thought I’d share something tonight that has been a valuable tool for months now. Fighter Verses. (see their website below) {and this is not an advertisement}

At my house, we have a family Bible time every morning around eight, in which we pray, and memorize catechism and Bible verses. Although we have gone with Fighter Verses for years now, my dad informed us that there was a Fighter Verse app (he knows these things). It turns out that included with the app are Fighter Verse songs. (they are also on the website)

Songs. 🙂

If something is put to music, my whole family, even the three year old, can memorize it pretty easily. These songs have opened up a whole new world for me since January.  They have made Scripture memorization so much easier for me and my family. I can now recite or sing two whole Psalms!

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Boy Questions and Discussion Up and Running

Hiya, my friends! Melody here. As I have mentioned previously, my friend, Mary Kate from 21st Century Girls, and I have recently been gathering resources and finalizing answers to the boy discussion questions. A couple of them are finished and have been posted on her blog. You can find them here: Feel free to ask your own questions. We would love to help!

Hope y’all have a wonderful day!