Sarah’s Journey

Please pray for this girl and her family. She’s recently recovered from cancer and she has stuff in her lungs that might be a second relapse. She is going to have surgery to see if the splotches are cancerous or not.

She has been through so much. Please pray.

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The Lighthouse

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are some of the only times I see certain family members. It’s at those times that I have a chance to show the gospel to those who are in the dark. I know not all of my relatives are saved and that they need light somewhere. My relatives need to see a burning flame in the darkness they are surrounded by so very often.

Many in the world have heard the story of the bible and the preaching of others and yet are not saved. Many fall prey to the Evil One lurking like a snake in the world as they get older. They’ve heard the ongoing dirge of Christians pleading for them to see the light. They look in disgust at us. We look weird perhaps, with our different ways, but that’s how it should be.

We should look different from those in the darkness, maybe showing them that we are not the same as they are. It’s hard to act godly sometimes, though. When my little brother goes around the house asking people to cut his apple for him, and I refuse, I’m not going “Sure! I’d be happy to!” when he does that, I’m almost praying that I would not have to. Thing is, if my relatives were there and I said “Sure! I’d be happy to!” that probably would have stuck out. They may have been thinking “Wow, that’s unusual.”

Girls, now, when you’re around so many non-believers you want them to look at you and say “She looks different.” Because it shines a light into their dark lives.

You want to be a lighthouse in the darkness. What’s a lighthouse for? A lighthouse is typically on a bay so that lost boats can see it and find their way home or so that they know that they know that there is danger at this bay. In this case it’s the former: you should be a lighthouse cutting through the darkness and bringing people home. You are a light cutting through the darkness to the lost traveler. Now’s your chance to show people the light. Will you?

Karen SignaturePartial Credit goes to Anna Elizabeth for the idea to use the lighthouse analogy. 😉


As you should know, this is a blog written for girls. Many girls are yucked out by “yucky” things. I, for one, do not like spiders.

But if you pull out your bible and read pretty much anything about sacrifices (example found here: you may realize that girls in that day and age probably found that things like blood being poured out on an alter were normal.

Think about Aaron’s daughters. Their father killed animals daily. Were they “yucked out”? Maybe at first, but with Aaron and his sons doing that everyday for a LOOOOONG time, they probably were used to it.

PLEASE note that this is just a thought. I am a thinker and am not saying that yucking out is bad.

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Little Miss Stewardess

Do you know what it means to be a steward? Google says that a steward is someone who looks after passengers. In other words, stewards take care of people. We are stewardesses. We have things; a life, a home, a family. We are their stewardesses.

There are two kinds of stewardesses: One who takes care of their subjects, and one who does not. Which one are you?

You have a home, a bed, and an electronic device that you are reading this post from. For example, you also have a body. You are your body’s steward. It may be hard to picture it that way, but it’s true! If you do not keep our body clothed with modest clothing, you are abusing the body God gave you to steward. I’m not saying that you do that, I’m just advising you–one christian girl to another.

I am not perfect. I am a sinner and am a terrible stewardess. Just as terrible as any of you girls out there. I am not a perfect stewardess. In fact, most days, my bed does not look very good.

Do you take care of yourself and your possessions correctly?

Thoughts? Comments?

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