The Maidens

Karen Signature

“Hello, world! I am Karen! People tell me that I’m funny, smart, good at spelling, and cute. I absolutely LOVE Jesus, my family, Melody, Anna Elizabeth, birds, and cats. I REALLY like writing, reading, emailing, reading, role-playing, reading, writing, singing, music, clarinet, violin, MAKING music, freckles, pickles, blogging, piano music, little babies, kittens, FALL, and many more things. :)”


“My name is Anna Elizabeth, and I am best friends with Karen and Melody. ❤ People say I’m creative, hyper, and flexible. I am 14 years old, but people tell me I look older. Maybe it’s because ‘m 5’8”, but then again, maybe not. 🙂  I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I am nothing without Him; hopeless and lost. My passion is photography. I’m obsessed. I also adore music: it fills me with joy. I really love Doctor Who and Ace Attorney. I am very interested in History and Italian, and like cooking and baking in my spare time. I’m currently taking an art class, which I love. I play the Alto Saxophone, ’cause it’s the best. 😉 I really love being homeschooled and hanging out with my best buddies. 🙂 Monkeys are the best animals in the world. Sorry, dog fans. ;)”

melody sig 3

“Bonjour! My name is Melody. I am a completely depraved, dirty, rotten sinner, but by the matchless grace of God, I am alive though His son, Jesus. I desire to live for His glory and His alone. Without Him, I am nothing, void of a purpose or a melody.I’m a homeschooled teenager at fifteen. My passion is music, mainly in the form of singing, but I also play flute, and some piano and viola. If you ask Anna and Karen, they’ll surely tell you that I making music as close to perfect as I can get it. Usually, you can find me working on schoolwork, reading, singing a bazillion different songs, trying to finish one of many stories, and hanging out with my awesome family and friends. I really like words, dragons, reading, movies, photography, hymns, rainbows, traveling, fashion, stories, French, writing, being homeschooled, and organizing.”

Hopefully, we’ll post if we have spare time.

In Christ and for Christ,

Anna Elizabeth, Karen, and Melody, pilgrims of this world, daughters of Christ, and jars of clay.

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