Awkward and Awesome Friday! 5-31-13


  • Thinking you turned off the hose when you really didn’t. K
  • Going around Wal-Mart with your older brother and little sister, and getting weird looks. O.o  AE
  • When your brother doesn’t notice the weird looks. AE
  • Flipping out every time you hear the words “Cockroach” and “Upstairs” in the same sentence. AE
  • Not being done with school when, like, all your other friends have finished already. AE
  • Having the most awkward things. o.o AE


  • A mom that listens when you tell her your problems. K
  • Youth bible study. M, AE
  • Reading and finishing “Growing Up Christian” by Karl Graustein in the aforementioned bible study. Such a great book! M, AE
  • Having a Memorial Day cookout with friends from church. 😀 AE, M, K
  • Melody’s stories. AE, K
  • Holding an adorable baby rabbit!! M


What was awkward and awesome about your week?

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One thought on “Awkward and Awesome Friday! 5-31-13

  1. Awkward:
    Running around in my room thinking I’m being chased by a bee, then realizing it’s just a gnat O.o
    Starting a new blog!!! & Making some new friends! 😀

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