Awkward and Awesome: 5-10-13


  • Not actually doing A&A on a weekly basis… o.o AE, K, M
  • Going to Publix to buy a cake with your mother, and when she finishes, the lady behind the counter asks you what you want. Probably because you’re tall and have a child in each hand. M
  • Getting called “Sweetheart” and “Honey” by a lady at the dentist who didn’t look a day older than 28. M
  • Shoveling ground-up leaves from a pile and finding a giant King Snake….twice…. M
  • Gong to Target to buy  Mother’s Day presents, and getting asked by a random lady which watch to buy for her 7-year-old daughter for her birthday. You comply, but still at a loss as to why she asked you. AE, M
  • ALL your 15-year-old friends getting their driving permits before you do……… M


  • The strings concert on Tuesday went well. 🙂  K, M.
  • So many awesome concerts coming up! We can’t wait! =D K, M, AE
  • This blog being a year old. Wow….. K, AE
  • Being part of this blog for about 8 months! M
  • Journaling in my spare time to vent feelings. AE
  • Art class. 😀 AE

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