Awkward and Awesome 11/30/12


  • Dancing to Christmas music in public, then realizing that everybody is watching you…. AE
  • Squealing about random things is public…. AE
  • Having most of the awkward moments… AE
  • Scratch that… Having all the the awkward moments…. AE


  • Getting a Christmas tree… K
  • Christmas music… Gotta love it! AE
  • The smell of a Peppermint Mocha Candle… 🙂 M, AE
  • Hot apple cider and candycanes.. AE
  • Winter, my favorite season. AE
  • Christian fellowship with other teenagers. 🙂 K, M, AE

What was awkward and awesome about your week?

In Christ,

Anna Elizabeth, Karen, and Melody


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome 11/30/12

  1. Awkward: 1. A daughter dancing in public. 2. A daughter squealing in public.
    Annoying: the smell of mocha peppermint candles.
    Awesome: daughters who walk with the Lord.

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