Awkward and Awesome Saturday? 9/29/2012

It’s Awkward and Awesome Saturday! (I know, don’t ask)

You know the drill, AE=Anna Elizabeth, M=Melody, K=Karen


Karen thinking I was eating a broccoli flavored Popsicle.-M

Having our car smell like a dead animal.-AE

Being the only people that can smell the dead animal.-AE

Having Melody singing some song about lambs and countries around the house. -K

About to climb a mountain, and realizing your legs are already sore.-K

Running around the house going: “Where is my tail!?”, and realizing it was tucked in your pants.-AE

Having a small argument with your 16 year old brother about him not wanting to go to the church picnic, and your 3 year old sister starts warbling a little song about how God will be angry and he will get a big spanking if he doesn’t go to the church picnic.-M

Taking your little siblings to the bathroom at Sam’s Club, and seeing one of your friends and freaking out. While your little siblings are…desperate…-AE

Having to chew up three pieces of gum for your sister’s science experiment because she has braces.-K

That awkward


Staying up until 1:30 A.M watching The Avengers!!!!-AE,K,M

Sooooo sorry it’s late, things were CRAZY yesterday for all of us!

Anna Elizabeth, Karen, and Melody


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