Awkward and Awesome Friday 9/21

Hiya, ladies. This week, Karen and I are doing the A ‘n’ A. I’ll label ones from me, Melody, with a M, and ones from Karen with a K. Sound good? Feel free to comment and list some of your own moments. We’d love to hear them. 🙂


  • Trying to sip your milk from the top of your glass and ending up sticking your nose into your milk. I hope no one saw me….    M
  • Trying to explain something you thought was really hilarious to your friend, and not stopping when you know they don’t understand a word you’re saying.    M
  • Wearing a sticky note on your forehead, and, not wanting to leave it at home, you then stick it to the back of your shirt and then go to youth Bible study. It was funny having everyone guess why I had the number 6 on a sticky note on the back of my shirt.    M
  • Swinging on a swing set with a skirt on.   M
  • For some reason, you find out that you have been surfing the web too long, and you have NO idea how you got to all those websites you have open.   M
  • Suddenly having to transpose music.   M
  • Playing a baritone sax part on your flute.   M
  • Taking videos of yourself and realizing that you make a lot of stupid faces on default.   M
  • When someone points out to you that the word you just said wasn’t really a word, Like forgetted, or yepidoodles. But if you think “yepidoodles” was a word before I invented it, there might actually be something wrong with you.    M
  • Doing your handwriting and realizing that your upper case Q’s are rather dorky lookin.  K
  • While doing science, your cat comes to sit on the table, right in front of you. “Hello! I most definitely deserve every drop of your attention!”  K
  • When the same cat visits you at least once a day to stick her tail up in your face. “Just in case you didn’t notice I’m here…”  K
  • Trying to figure out what other awkward things to list, and reasoning that since Melody listed more awkward things than me, she must therefore be more awkward.  K


  • True friends, the ones you can be real with about anything.  M
  • The color blue. K (sensing her randomness?)
  • Writing a story that’s all your own.  M
  • Foggy mornings, perfect for randomly spying on people. 😉  M
  • “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper. Just two chapters in, and I’m hooked.  M 
  • Youth Bible Study on the book above. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Wednesday evenings.  M
  • Homemade granola.   M
  • Little things that cheer you up. (@ you, MK 🙂 )  M
  • Realizing that today was September 21st, making tonight the 21st night of September!!!!!   Video is not necessary for the awesomeness.
  • Going out for spontaneous ice cream because it’s the 21st night of September!!! 🙂 Chocolate, anyone?

So, in conclusion, I suppose that all makes me more awkward AND awesome than Karen. But enough of that. 🙂 What was awkward and awesome about your week?


One thought on “Awkward and Awesome Friday 9/21

  1. Personally, I think nothing is more awkward than walking the Sam’s Club with your two younger sisters and getting asked that question: “Are they all your’s?”

    Yeah, AWKWARD

    Awesome: Having some awesome sisters in Christ! Like Mary Kate at 21st Century Girls, and Tara, at Saved by the Blood, and of course, my two lovely companions that are like sisters to me!

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