Awkward and Awesome Friday! 9/14/2012

We figured we need a little break from the hard core stuff we’ve been doing lately, plus, it’s just fun to talk about the week and see what awkward and awesome things have happened, what made you laugh, and what was just plain weird;



  • When somebody sees you in Sam’s Club with your little siblings and asks if they are all yours
  • When after a babysitting job, you tell the parents you were babysitting for you ate all the raspberry sorbet.
  • When you stub your toe on a pillow and hurt your ingrown toenail
  • Realizing that your cats are getting fatter by the day.


  • Bible study on Wednesday nights after a dinner with your church family.
  • When your Dad buys you flowers! ❤
  • Cool Weather
  • Tissues with LOTION!
  • Seeing the sunrise in the morning.

What was awkward and awesome about your week? How has God blessed you in the previous week?

Anna Elizabeth


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