Be opinionated! We need to know what you think about the blog to make it best we possibly can! Without you, we don’t know if we are reaching out the best we can! We need you, our faithful viewers, to help us spread the gospel! Share us on Facebook, email us to friend, Tweet our posts! Do anything you can to reach out with the gospel of Christ! We can and will change the world for Christ! On the internet, at school, at basketball, or even at your house, wherever you may be, in what ever you may be doing, chores, homework, or just hanging out! Do it as if you were doing it for Christ. Think before you speak, be slow to anger, love others, have joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. Be gentle, and self’-controlled. Shine Christ’s light to the world! Reach out to the blind! Honor Christ in everything you do! Honor Christ, respect authority, ask for help when you need it, and do not with hold help from those who need it. Strive to be like Christ in everything you do. Share the gospel in whatever you can! I know this is stuff you hear all the time, but we, as sinners, justly deserving God’s wrath, forget, and need to be constantly reminded of His grace and mercy. Our God is an awesome God, he reigns the heavens above with wisdom, power, and love. So give Him the glory He deserves! Hide His Word in your heart! Do everything in your power to hide it there! It’s really important! Teach young ones, minister to the old. Share His Word, and believe it.

Anna Elizabeth


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