Something to think about

Hey there, friends!

One of our friends ( posted something yesterday that really convicted me. Basically, it said that we need to remember that God’s plans are not always our plans. I am guilty of thinking I know everything about 1,000,000 times every minute, and really need God’s merciful grace and mercy. It really is something to think about, because, without Him, we are just jars of clay, without a potter to shape us, without Him, we are dust in the wind, blown away by the perils of this life. But that is why Jesus came! He came to save us, and boy, do we need it! We need Jesus to be interceding for us every second of every minute of every day!

When has God rescued you from the pit of despair? When had God worked in your life?

Just something to think about…

Anna Elizabeth 

P.S. Please comment! We would love to hear how God has worked in your life!


2 thoughts on “Something to think about

  1. God definitely found me and rescued me when I was 11 and was getting involved in some very sinful stuff. He is so merciful and proves again and again His love. He is so great! I get so scared of the thought of where I might be today if God hadn’t rescued me from my pit of despair.

    • I totally agree! I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t know Christ. He really is a merciful God.

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