What we think of the new Disney/Pixar movie Brave

It was kinda full of “You-can-change-your-destiny-if-you-can-follow-your-wisps-and-be-brave-enough” Near the beginning, the heroine was sassy and wanted to have her own way, but the whole point of that detail was that at the end of the movie she realized she was wrong. There were a few naked behinds, (always shown from the back) It was overall a good movie, but not a lot like the other Pixar movies. There are a few scary images of bears and some fight scenes, but it was pretty mild. I would rate it 4 stars! We went to see it yesterday as a family, and pretty much everybody liked it. It was entertaining, funny, action-packed, and clever.  It was rated PG, which made me curious, I said to myself, “But aren’t most Pixar movies rated G? (With the exception of The Incredibles) Then I realized, it was a lot less action packed than The Incredibles. It also has a little witch-craft, you know, the classic big cauldron with bubbling liquid, etc.  While it may not be a lot like other Pixar movies, it still had the same attention to detail, loving characters, and unique quality that all Pixar movies have. It was endearing, and really made me realize that I sometimes try to have my own way, am rebellious, and think I know everything. It also that my mom is just trying to prepare me for the future. It was a little “Disneyized”, but I was in awe. To look up movies, we usually go to this website: pluggedin.com        Just in case you were looking for a more professional review of it.


Anna Elizabeth


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