Poll Contest!

We are going to have a poll contest! All you have to do is think of the best, craziest, funniest, etc. ideas for a poll and send them to our email

by June 25th, and we will pick the best one and put it on the website!

We’re hoping to see some crazy ideas!

Anna Elizabeth and Karen Joy-Anna


3 thoughts on “Poll Contest!

    • Favorite song, Favorite thing bout summer, favorite pattern, pants or skirts, gold or silver, puppies or kittens, Frodo or Sam, Arwen or Eowyn, Harry or Ron, Hermione or Ginny, Mom or Dad, lake or ocean, salt water pool or chlorine, eyes or ears, books or movies, To be or Not to be, death or life, Jesus or…..Some other person, favorite season, favorite picture of Legolas, celebrity crush on Link: Yea or Nay, pierced ears or no, pierced bellybutton or no, pierced eyebrow or no, sand or broken glass, red fire hydrant or yellow fire hydrant, ticks or mosquitoes, Mac or PC, Democratic or Republican, Obama or anyone else, authority or anybodysgame, stars or planets, water or water, Coke or Pepsi, Sprite or 7-up, root beer or leaf beer, June or May, The Hobbit or The Avengers, Hawkeye or Mike Dawson, live Rita or dead Rita, “Dude”, or “like”, dinosaurs or meteor, Big Bang or aliens, aliens or Loki, Loki or dead, heaven or hell, crazy or insane

      Just to get you started

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